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16 July 2017 @ 12:34 pm

So .. last week? or a couple days ago I watched "Bokura no Yuuki~ Miman City". The main reason is of course Matsujun and Aiba-chan! ❤ As you know Kinki Kids is celebrating their 20th anniversary and they made a continuation of that drama.
I'm quite interested in how our Nakimushi pair acted in their Junior days (I don't really watch old dramas) so I guess I gave this drama a chance.

It has a suspense feeling, slice of life, and strong friendship. It is quite good for a 1997 drama! I love it. ❤

since my purpose for watching this drama is to watch J and Aiba-chan, I couldn't help myself for saving their pictures. THEY WERE SO CUTE! ❤❤❤
J was so small, cute, and his cheeks were just ❤ meanwhile Aiba-chan ... hmm... I think he didn't change that much XD. but still, they were cute and adorable I just can't ❤
Aiba-chan was still stiff on his acting while J was good, I suppose.
Well yeah, I just can't get enough with 14 years old Matsujun. ❤ eventhough J and Aiba-chan were in the same age (13-14 years old) WHY MATSUJUN LOOKED SO SMALL AND *SIGH* can I take that kid home *ugly sobbing*

I'm sharing my screenshots of J, Aiba-chan, and some Kinki Kids here. feel free to save them!

credit to: raredoramas. you can download the drama from there!


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Kinki Kids (have been sleeping together since 1997 pls can't you guys just married already?)

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What I didn't expect was, there really was a scene where they talked about "Let's meet again in 20 years" and when I watched that I was like "WHATTTTT SUGEEE KAKKOI JYAAANNNN" XD. Did the management really plan to have a sequel 20 years from that moment? Really... it was just hit me. really cool. it's like, prophecy comes true?! XD. I cut the scene and subbed it.

I'm looking forward for the sequel! I just can't wait the moment Mori, the small-cute-kid have become a muscle-man LMAO I wonder how will Yamato and Takeru react!!

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28 June 2017 @ 10:26 pm
This is quite a rush. XD today I was in marathon watching of Arashi ni Shiyagare and VS Arashi episodes that I missed. And then, I watched Arashi ni Shiyagare that aired in June 17, 2017 (that’s exactly Nino’s bday! Happy birhtday Ninomi~).

The first segment was that new segment (I don’t really like it... but I guess I’m used to it.) Trendy Angel, the comedian duo were the guest and they talked a lot about their success story etc.
Then Takashi-san, one of the duo, admitted that he’s a fan of Maid Cafehe even got a black card which obtained only if you come to maid cafe 2000 times. And then there was a maid named Pinky-chan came to the studio.

This is the hilarious scenes. XD Nino chose Ohno for attempting “How it’s like to be in a Maid Cafe” XDDDDDD. And Nino wasn’t wrong for choosing Ohno, because his reaction was so LOL XDDDDD.
So I decided to sub that. I would like to share how amusing Ohchan was. XDDD

Raw (c) ynh
Sub (c) Me

How was it? XDD I just couldn’t stop laughing watching Ohchan’s face and reactions LOL. And the other members too. XDD

PS: Just asking for anyone who do subbing, what application do you use for combining the video and the subtitle? I use aegisub for write the subtitle, and I always get confused when it comes to the combining video and subtitle. I use format factory and the result is not really satisfying.
And, what streaming sites are safe to upload videos like this?

PSS: I subbed another videos "Blouson Kazunari" and "Blouson Chiemi about Sho". if you'd like, please go to this link. those are hilarious too XD.

See ya!
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Don’t share this translation without my permission.

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So that’s it everyone. I’m sorry if I made mistakes. Have fun!
Comments will be very appreciated! Let’s talk about our sweets lover oldmen with me XD.
Until then!
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