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Sho drinks alcohol to remember his script.

ZIP! [2017.10.13] Arashi Interview Cut
39th winner of Academy Prize as Best Actor.Collapse )


This is a review of Ohno’s latest movie, Shinobi no Kuni (Mumon: The Land of Stealth).
So ... hello guys! It’s been 2 months since I announced that I’d go hiatus until September next year.
.... which I can’t help but open livejournal again. LOL SORRY.
I only open livejournal to post this.
I really have stopped reading their latest news, such as magazine, variety, drama, etc. Damn I miss Arashi updates so much. Wait for me, Arashi. :”).
.[I need refreshing.]
Few days ago, I got an information that a cinema in my town was showing Ohchan’s movie. I didn’t think twice and I went to the cinema that day. LOL. But hey!! I thought I need a little bit refreshing since 2 months of doing stuff (I finally got accepted in a company for internship after failed three times, and I finally got a fixed title for my thesis. Not to mention tasks and exam along the way. November 25th would be my trial for my title thesis, wish me luck.)
Okay, back to topic. I feel the urge to write some of my opinion about this movie. This is the first movie of Arashi member that I watch directly from cinema. Warning: This may contain spoilers.

I was sold to Iga.Collapse )

Bye Arashi.

Greetings, everyone.
I have a few words to say.

I decided to quit this fandom for a while.

Next year, I will graduate from my college. And now, I'm already busy with internship program and thesis preparation.
Of course, this is a hard choice.
Since I discovered about Arashi (which is 3 years ago), I feel I couldn't live without them. They are truly my mental support in tough times. They saved my life.
But sometimes, I admit that I love Arashi too much I neglect some responsibilities I should do. Simply put, I often 'forget' my tasks and watch Arashi's shows instead. This really depends on person, but yeah, I couldn't focus.

A couple months ahead will be so tough for me if I don't do this seriously.
That's why, I decided to put aside Arashi for some time.

I'm not gonna stop listening to their songs, though. Their songs really made my days. (Especially Nino's Doko ni Demo Aru Uta)
What I'm gonna stop is watching their shows. Reading their latest news on LINE group. Dying over their latest photoshoots. Chit-chat with other fangirls on twitter. Watching their latest dramas (DAMN I WANT TO WATCH SHO'S SAKIBOKU *SOBS*). And of course, subbing. etc. etc.

I will miss Arashi so much.
I will miss Nino's retorting jokes. Sho's sloping shoulder. Jun's latest hat. Aiba's bright smile. Ohchan's sleepy face. Sakumiya's sharp and smart yet adorable interaction. Junba's model-like photoshoots.


This post will mark as the day I will hiatus. I will deactive at twitter, livejournal and dreamwidth.

I will be back certainly. Around July or September 2018.

I hope I will success at my internship and also thesis.
And I hope I will graduate with cum laude grade, next year.
Wish me luck.

Thank you so much dear friends that have sharing Arashi's love and Johnny's with me.


Arashi ni Shiyagare [2017.07.15] Death Match Cut
Domoto Koichi (Kinki Kids)
Ninomiya likes tantanmen.Collapse )

 1. Tennen pair VS Do-S J

 - Aiba got scolded by Jun and he was afraid. so Aiba did his best  remaking the script (for his solo) again, and with Ohchan's as mental  supporter, he faced Jun again. all awkward and CUTEEEE I BANGED MY HEAD  ON MY KEYBOARDAKLGHRAO;GNAS;FAJILFRNWAJKLGAOJ

 - Aiba-chan, Ohchan and Nino drank together eventhough the rehearsal  hadn't ended yet. they had fun talking before Jun appeared and scolded  them. (PS: Nino being a brat saying that he was threatened to join the  drink.)

2. Nino's choreographer for his solo is actually a  foreigner. OMG so that's why the movements are so... unusual! I love it  so much.

3. Tennen pair and Nino messing around with 'cool pose' with headphone LMAO

Ninomiya's deepest level of heart mark

Trash pictures of Akira and Mori ❤

So .. last week? or a couple days ago I watched "Bokura no Yuuki~ Miman City". The main reason is of course Matsujun and Aiba-chan! ❤ As you know Kinki Kids is celebrating their 20th anniversary and they made a continuation of that drama.
I'm quite interested in how our Nakimushi pair acted in their Junior days (I don't really watch old dramas) so I guess I gave this drama a chance.

It has a suspense feeling, slice of life, and strong friendship. It is quite good for a 1997 drama! I love it. ❤

since my purpose for watching this drama is to watch J and Aiba-chan, I couldn't help myself for saving their pictures. THEY WERE SO CUTE! ❤❤❤
J was so small, cute, and his cheeks were just ❤ meanwhile Aiba-chan ... hmm... I think he didn't change that much XD. but still, they were cute and adorable I just can't ❤
Aiba-chan was still stiff on his acting while J was good, I suppose.
Well yeah, I just can't get enough with 14 years old Matsujun. ❤ eventhough J and Aiba-chan were in the same age (13-14 years old) WHY MATSUJUN LOOKED SO SMALL AND *SIGH* can I take that kid home *ugly sobbing*

I'm sharing my screenshots of J, Aiba-chan, and some Kinki Kids here. feel free to save them!

credit to: raredoramas. you can download the drama from there!


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Kinki Kids (have been sleeping together since 1997 pls can't you guys just married already?)

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What I didn't expect was, there really was a scene where they talked about "Let's meet again in 20 years" and when I watched that I was like "WHATTTTT SUGEEE KAKKOI JYAAANNNN" XD. Did the management really plan to have a sequel 20 years from that moment? Really... it was just hit me. really cool. it's like, prophecy comes true?! XD. I cut the scene and subbed it.

I'm looking forward for the sequel! I just can't wait the moment Mori, the small-cute-kid have become a muscle-man LMAO I wonder how will Yamato and Takeru react!!

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