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23 February 2017 @ 03:54 pm
Howdy guys, how's life?

So my holidays worth 3 weeks finally over. sad to hear that. I'm currently adjusting myself, starting my engine back to solve some accounting issues. wish me luck LOL

I barely had time to give myself Arashi daily dose as expected. I usually watch VS Arashi and Shiyagare at Sunday, IF I don't have any plan to go out or there are no event/meeting at my organizaton. yeah my life sucks. they don't leave me alone with Arashi dose. *bangs head at wall*

Anyway. Once when I watch Shiyagare 11/02, I saw this new comedian called Blouson Chiemi. I enjoyed her skit so much LOL! I think I like her. and then she guested too in The Yakai 16/12, and she indeed cracked me up LMAO.
I don't know why but I wanted to sub the skit, especially Nino's version "Nice Guy". God that was a piece of adorable man skit LOL. and when I realized it I subbed the skit that talked about Sho too. Those are so hilarious.

So here we go:

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Do you like her too?
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06 February 2017 @ 01:51 am
Title: Cooking Practice
Type: One-shot/Ficlet (Word-count: ~ 1.760)
Year: 2017
Fandom/Pairing: Arashi/Sakumiya
Genre: Fluff
Rating/Warnings: PG-13/Un-betaed

Summary: The reason why Nino got a band-aid on his finger on FNS~Uta no Natsu Matsuri 2016.

- Greetings! It is my very first time to write a real-person fanfic! I was always on anime fandom and I wrote many stories on anime fandom (if you’re interested, come to: galuhdayinta.weebly.com and click fanfiction!) and the thing is, I never write again since 2015. So this is my first time I ever write again. I Hope I do it right!

- English is not my mother language so I'm sorry for grammar mistakes.

- I really appreciate if you drop a comment about this! or words of encouragement will do! because I really don't know if this fanfiction is yay or nah :3

- And ...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY XANDRA southview !!! SURPRISE!!! This is for you baby!

[The reason why Nino got a band-aid on his finger on FNS~Uta no Natsu Matsuri 2016.]


It was one fine day when FNS Special was airing live. Many singers and of course idols were invited to come and performed. Arashi didn’t have a new single or announcement but they’re invited anyway. This time they would perform Beautiful Days and I Seek.

As Sho was walking in to the Arashi’s green room, he noticed that there was one person still not arrived yet.

“Where is Nino? Our turn will begin in 20 minutes,” asked Sho concerned.

“He’s traininig upstairs,” Ohno answered calmly while reading some fungus magazine. He actually found it interesting after playing Reiji’s character who loves mushroom.

Sho daggered some questioning looks but Ohno didn’t realize itor maybe he didn’t care. Jun, who was streching his body in order to warm up before performance, threw a question look toward Sho. “I thought we all know that he’s gonna be the lead role of a cooking-themed movie?”

“He is practicing? Like, now?” Sho arched his eyebrow.

Aiba nodded. “It’s been quite long since he got out. I don’t know, thirty minutes ago? He practice his cooking skill thoroughly you know,” laughed the man. “I kind of miss him being here playing games.” A second after that statement Jun pulled Aiba’s elbow and asked to help him streching. With cute pout all over his face actually.

“Okay. I think I’m gonna visit him for a moment.” Sho was ready to go out from the green room when he heard Ohno’s request, “Sho-kun, please take Nino back here quickly. Our turn is near after all.” He nodded and left the room.


It didn’t take a long time to search a kitchen in Fuji TV. Other members have hinted upstairs as well. So here he was, walking in to the kitchen after gained permission from the staff that had suspicious eyes on himHe was staring at the kitchen’s door for minutes. The kitchen was quite big, it was for making catering food for staffs and artists after all.

Seconds after Sho scanned the surrounding, he immediately found a small figure in front of him. He heard some chopping sound which maybe that man’s doing. A warm smile hanging on Sho’s plump lips before he went closer to the man.

“Excellent.” Sho said out of nowhere and that made the man lost his balance of holding knife.

“You scared me to hell, Sho-san,” the man, obviously named Nino, shot a slightly irritated look to Sho who was calmly adoring the food.

Sho laughed. “But you’re really good at this, aren’t you? It’s beautifully arranged. I wonder if it’s because of your beautiful fingers?” said Sho in light and slightly amused tone.

Nino blushed instantly. But then he looked at the dish he made himself; a hotpot nabe. It was still half-done though, there were some ingredients that need to be mixed and chopped. Well, truth to be told it wasn’t bad at all, instead it was quite colourful and looked great. But Nino still didn’t get enough of it.

“No, no. You said that because you’re an amateur in this matter,” answered Nino in adequately cold tone.

“I believe I’ve ever had a job about being a chef in Vietnam.” Sho turned his head to the left, trying to find Nino’s caramel eyes. Nino snorted, “Not really convincing. I didn’t watch the drama so I don’t believe it. You’re not cut to be Japan Embassy’s chef.”

Sho smirked instead. “I didn’t mention about being in Japan Embassy though.”

Nino stopped chopping cabbage for a while. He felt his blood immediately rose up to his cheeks. He was embarassed that he slipped at his words. And with Sho being all smug on his side didn’t help either.

The man didn’t reply to Sho’s words and continue his task instead. Now he was chopping a carrot. He tried to be calm and focused so he could chop the carrot quickly but neat at the same time. He tried and tried until he could meet his expectation speed.

Nino was so focused he forgot Sho’s presence. And the second Nino was aware of Sho, he’s being soooo observed by the man. As if Sho wanted to peel Nino’s skin off.

Sho, on the other hand, was just enjoying the show. Nino being so concentrated in things other than games was so rare yet interesting and cute. His beautiful hands, his glazed yet serious eyes actually could kill Sho’s heart anytime now. His slightly hanging mouth which unconsciously so daring. Sho was intensely looked at Nino and tried not to hug him from behind because he was too cute.

“Sho-san, please don’t stare at me like you want to eat me.” Nino’s voice broke off, and made Sho’s mind abruptly come back to reality.

Sho wanted to say that he literally wanted to eat him and his sexiness but he stopped halfway. Nino was just his fellow member of Arashi and nothing more. But when they acted together in Yamada Taro, Sho had discovered something special in Nino, and it seemed that Nino didn’t mind showing his other side to Sho. Nothing much was going on in these past 9 years. Everything was still blurry between them.

“Sorry, you look so occupied with your work and I find that funny,” Sho smiled. And atrractive, Sho continued in his mind.

“I’m sorry for being brat and messing around character,” Nino grinned and Sho just laughed.

Eventhough some light conversation and jokes were aired between Sho and Nino, Nino just couldn’t prevent his sudden nervousness. Being looked at by Sho while he concentrating was the last thing he want on the earth. He couldn’t fully focused when that delicate yet intimidating eyes were littering around him. But Nino couldn’t just stopped his practice, and he was too tired to told Sho not to stare at him.

Nino tried to focus to cleave the cucumber when he actually cut his finger.

“Ah” Nino jerked out of his shock. Knife on the floor and he automatically swung his hand.

Sho panicked and his eyes bulged when he saw blood on Nino’s index finger. He tried to calm down and pull Nino’s elbow to get closer with him.

“Are you okay?” Sho asked as he held Nino’s hand in front of his eyes, examined him thoroughly. The latter snorted and just shake it off. “Don’t be that concerned Sho-san, it’s just a cut.”

“You’re bleeding,” Sho answered in dominating tone and Nino immediately shut up as Sho’s mothering mode has turned on. Sho kept push Nino’s finger so that all his bleeding come out. The newscaster was looking for medicine box anywhere in the kitchen but there was none.

Knowing Sho’s intention, Nino pulled his own shirtor performance costume to be preciseto wipe away his own blood. He told Sho not to be worry about finding him a medicine box because that was ridiculous. This was just a tiny wound and he was 33 years old already.
“I’m fucking fine,” Nino said slightly irritated. Sho was just stared at him in undefined expression. When Nino tried to wipe his blood with his shirt, Sho pulled Nino’s hand away from it.

“Sho, What the fu

Sho licked Nino’s finger. He eat it. Seconds after licking it, Sho put the gamer’s finger to his mouth and slightly bobbing it up and down. As if he gave Nino blowjob demonstration.

Nino couldn’t say anything as his cheeks flushed, so red that he must hide his face right now. Sho kept doing that for seconds which felt like centuries. Weird thing is, Nino was so surprised yet he didn’t have any intention to stop Sho’s movement. The gamer was just standing there, froze and looking at the man who ate his finger deliciously.

“That should be it.” Sho finally take out Nino’s finger and stared at it for a moment. He was amused when he saw Nino’s expression. “What’s wrong? You look so red. Are you sick?”

Nino’s heart was beating so fast when he locked eyes with the newscaster. “What the fuck, Sho. Just a handkerchief will do.” He tried to sound irritated but unfortunately it was kind of cute pout.

“I know. I was kind of panic. I’m sorry if you don’t like it. But they say that licking a wound will make the healing faster you know?”

“They who?”

“People.” Sho smirked.

Nino rolled his eyes and stared at his finger for a moment before murmured a word of simple thanks. Even Nino was surprised himself that he actually didn’t hate Sho’s doing just now. Instead, he wanted more. Nino wanted that plump and endearing mouth to work on him on the other parts of his body.

“I wonder if I should cut my lips too,” Nino whispered and smirk a little. His whisper was so low that he believed Sho didn’t hear it.

“Hm?” Crap, apparently Sho heard them. Nino felt that Sho’s smirk were growing wider and sexier than ever.

“Nothing.” Nino took the knife that was still forgotten on the floor, and wanted to wash it when apparently a hand stopped him.

Sho put the knife aside of the table, and held Nino’s hand tightly. The newscaster leaned closer to the latter until they bumped their forehead.

“You don’t have to hurt yourself to let me love you.” Sho said in a subtle and sweet voice that could melt Nino anytime. Nino felt his cheeks gotten redder than earlier, yet he put on a smirk.

“I’m just wondering. I don’t have any intention to make you love me.”

“Brat,” grunted Sho before he smiled and kiss Nino tenderly.




“Where the fuck were you?” Jun shouted at Sho and Nino who came to their green room in dash. “We searched you at the kitchen but you were nowehere to be found!”

“Oh. We were always at the kitchen all the time,” answered Nino in calming tone. “It was just Sho-san and I getting hot and we were on the floor behind the table.”

“Getting hot?” Aiba repeated innocently while Ohno couldn’t suppress a smirk.

“N-no! It’s not like what you think! Nino was ... Nino was bleeding and all ...” Sho yelped and threw a deathglare to Nino. “Anyway, please just wait here for a moment. We’re waiting for a band-aid or a plaster for Nino’s wound!”


Fortunately, at the same time Jun shrieked, a staff has come to their green room and handing out the band-aid.

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23 December 2016 @ 11:50 pm
Hey, what’s up?
Are you there?
How’s life? Heheh, just wondering I’m enjoying it.

So hello guys. Anyway the first pharagraph is not my opening sentence, it’s just a glance of Arashi – To My Homies. And I’m not really enjoying my life anyway (LOL).
This time I’m gonna rambling about my first experience being a witness about an occurence.
A happening.
An incindent.

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